Quins easy - Optical Inspection - Alternating Image Inspection AOI AII
Leiterplatten Inspektion mit Quins easy

Quins easy

You can inspect everything with Quins easy

The difference is between seeing and easy RECOGNIZING.

The patented Alternating Image Inspection shows the reference and the object to test, in alternation. With a perfect centering of both images only the differences are flashing, the errors. This supports the physiological perception, so that you RECOGNIZE ALL errors relaxed, easy and fast! Without any programming effort, no matter what you verify!



  • Check to 100%

  • Make sure that EVERYTHING has been checked



  • Overview of your manufacturing problems.

  • Quins easy logs all errors

PCB Inspection - AOI

Ready in 2 minutes

  • Minimal setup time

  • Without programming

AOI Automated Optical Inspection


  • Quins easy stores all your images

  • Each single board will be documented

  • Create the basis for your quality assurance

Userfriendly - Simple to use

Simply brilliant

  • Dead easy to use

  • No training

Günstiges Inspektionssystem

Unbeatable price

  • 2 years full Online -Support !

  • No further costs!

A simple example:

  Find the differences between the two images

Reference object

Referenz Reference

Object to be checked

Prüfling - Device under test

Solution with Quins easy


  Auto Adjustment

A perfect centering of both images

To compare two images in alternation it is necessary to adjust them one above the other. Quins easy offers a very fast and completely automated image adjustment.

In action


Optimal zoomed - spot 100%

Depending on zoom Quins easy divides the display automatically into multiple image areas (segments).
You can now navigate step by step through the entire test area without forgetting anything. Only when all the segments have been checked, the inspection can be completed.

In action


till 30 times

With individually adjustable zoom you find the best increasing/decreasing of your image for your inspection.

In action

  Error marks

Individual error codes

Error marks are saved in error images and protocol. These can be call up in repair and statistic module.

In action