Quins easy - Optical Inspection - First article Inspection

Quins easy plus

First Article Inspection and networkable inspection environment

Quins easy plus is an extension of Quins easy software and additionally includes a first article inspection and many features for network-compatible inspection.

Save time and gain security! Avoid serial errors! With Quins easy plus you reduce the effort for setup verification significantly. You can equip your machines more often per working shift and produce therefore faster, cheaper and safer !
The easiest and fastest way for your first article inspection.

Quins easy plus contains Quins master, a database management system that includes a variety of administrative functions for the coordination and management of an Quins inspection environment. You can connect multiple workstations, assign server paths, manage users and data and much more.

First Sample Inspection

  • Very easy to use

  • Also for multiple boards

Data preparation

  • Converter

  • Multiplicator


  • Full network capability

  • Remote access

Ready in 2 minutes

  • Minimal setup time

  • Without programming


  • Quins easy stores all your images

  • Each single board will be documented

  • Create the basis for your quality assurance


  • Overview of your manufacturing problems.

  • Quins easy logs all errors


  First article inspection (fai)

with Quins easy

First sample matching with placement data (.CSV) and plan (.PDF).

In action

Automatically generate the audit log. The position data display in the error flag is also transmitted to the repair module. More information for your process optimization.

  Data converter

Prepare ASCII-DATA for Quins easy

Convert your placement data in the Quins easy format.
Multiply this formulti panel boards.


Manage your data centrally!

The Quins-database (MySQL) can be installed locally or server side.
Access the same data from all workstations.
Manage centrally users, departments, orders, products, product groups and more.