Quins statistics - Manufacturing and production statistics

Quins statistics

for assemblies checked by Quins easy !

Only if you know your mistakes, you are able to get rid of these ! Quins easy plus automatically captures all test results. Quins statistics shows them on the basis of various analyzes and graphics clearly.

All information about your Quality Status!

Yield calculation

  • By year, month, day, hour

  • See when and why your quality level is changed


  • Full network capability

  • Remote access


  • Printable statistic sheets

Unbeatable price

  • 2 years full Online -Support !

  • No further costs!


  • Information provides security



Compare several statistics together

In Charts window, it is possible to compare several statistics together. You can adjust the individual charts individually in size and order.
Compare, for example, the data of several projects and see at a glance where exactly your production errors are.

  Yield calculation

See when and why your quality level is changed

Watch your production-quality of a whole year!
You can define a quality threshhold, which separates your data into three states:
- Good - Critical -Bad

You can see immediatly when and where something goes wrong in your production.


Specify your statistics

A variety of filtering and selection functions give you the ability to generate custom queries.