First sample inspection - Setup control

The first article inspection / setup control

Each machine setup or line setup must be checked before start production

Each machine / line preparation must be checked before production starts.
This avoids incalculably serie errors.

There are two variants of a machine / line preparation:
1.) The product is manufactured the first time (we call this "first sample inspection")
2.) The product is made once again (we call this "setup control")

- 1.) "first sample inspection"

In this case, you have only your first sample, the data and possibly a plan.
To avoid Serie errors this must be compared.
Manually this is very time consuming and error prone.

Even an expensive AOI system would not be useful in this situation.
At this time you can not create and debug a test program.

Nevertheless, you need to check your first sample!

We have developed the "brilliantly simple" first sample inspection with Quins easy plus!

- 2.) "setup control"

The setup control is subject to the same need as the first sample test!
Without Quins easy plus you have the same manual check effort in this case.
Was your first sample already tested with Quins easy plus you are already prepared here.
If you prepare your machine again, each "first sample" could be checked with the "alternation image inspection" very easy and save.

Now a "setup control" could be done very quick and easy!

Therefor we have developed the "brilliantly simple" Alternating Image Inspection with Quins easy!

- 3.) The data check

For preparing your machines / lines you need correct data!
The first step is, ensure that your data are error-free.
You need to check your data!

Therefor we have developed the automatic, digital data comparisson with Quins tools!