Quins Professional - Inspection Software - Inspection program

The System Quins professional

Configurable according to your wishes.

The modular software architecture makes it possible to put together your individual inspection environment. For each task the right solution. According to the needs of a specific workplace you can choose exacly the right software modules. All workstations have access to the same data. Like this it is possible to setup a very powerful and well organised quality management all over your company.

First Sample Inspection

  • Very easy to use

  • Also for multiple boards

Data preparation

  • Converter

  • Multiplicator


  • Full network capability

  • Remote access

Ready in 2 minutes

  • Minimal setup time

  • Without programming


  • Quins easy stores all your images

  • Each single board will be documented

  • Create the basis for your quality assurance


  • Overview of your manufacturing problems.

  • Quins easy logs all errors